Vision & Mission Statement

Our vision
To enable renewable energy adoption by providing a single platform and connecting adopters, Service providers (EPC) and Technology Providers supported by Value added services.

Our Mission
To make renewable energy available to everyone & everywhere.

Our Values
eSunScope is committed to provide transparent, unbiased and technology agnostic services and solar options to all stakeholders connected in any transaction.

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Our Capabilities

eSunScope is the ultimate online enabler, for Solar Adopters, Solar EPCs and Solar OEMs to provide end to end services. This starts with helping you make up your mind to taking care of your solar assets for long-term reliability.


Our Global Footprints

Headquartered in Dubai eSunScope is at present serving different geographies like United Arab Emirates & India. We are establishing our footprints in countries like Oman, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait, Egypt, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Kenya, Nigeria, Ghana, Ethiopia and other Asian & African countries. We operate directly and through our partners and affiliates in different countries to serve our customers.

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Know The Team

eSunScope has strong team of engineers, designers and analyst in each country to serve our customers and partners locally. eSunScope has a state of the art Center of Excellence in India, where our functional experts and market research team provide global support, standards and high quality/low cost design services to our global customers and partners.

Why Choose eSunScope

Almost every country now has renewable policies and incentives. However, for solar adopters, who are busy in their life or businesses, it is challenging to navigate through the complex web of policies, incentives, permits, processes, procurement standards, quality of the product, installation, and maintenance. This is where eSunScope comes to the rescue. We at eSunScope help you navigate this complex environment and make sure you get the best worth of your investment.


Adoption Benefits

Solar Technology has matured and also has proved to be the most cost effective source of energy on planet today. Adoption of Solar no longer is limited to supporting cause of global environment safety since it makes a business/economic sense now, hence right time to think about solar. Globally, solar adoption for residential and commercial purposes has yielded below tangible benefits:

  • Reduce energy cost
  • Predictable Energy OPEX
  • Appreciation of Property Value
  • Tap into applicable subsidies/tax benefits
  • Monetization of unused land/roof


Solar installations

  • Roof Top
  • Ground Mount
  • Hybrid
  • Offgrid
  • Community Solar


Adoption Plans

  • CAPEX Model (Cash purchase)
  • Solar Finance
  • Solar PPA/Lease Programme


Government Programs

Solar Energy programs are center of generally all government’s initiatives. Most of the federal and state governments have a set of policies to promote the renewable energy as their commitment to save the environment. These initiatives not only have a positive impact on environment but also create job opportunities and form the blend of energy security for nation. Hence utilities, governments and environment ministries inspire the citizens to adopt solar through different initiatives like tax rebates, solar subsidies, and discounts on utility bills to make solar accessible to the people. By availing these benefits you can reduce the cost of your system from 35 to 50 percent and in some cases it goes up to 80 percent.


How We Do?

eSunScope offers its varied expertise and tools starting from creating the opportunity through basic online assessment of roof till operating and maintenance of the Solar Assets. eSunScope not only supports Solar adopters but also reduces significant, Sales & General Administration and design costs for Solar EPCs. Solar OEMs, Solar Financiers can access Solar Adopters and Solar EPCs through our Online Market Place. eSunScope offers its services and solutions at four stages.

Adoption Phase

At eSunScope we recognize that not all Solar adopters have deep understanding of adoption of solar system at their commercial establishment or at their residences as their expertise is focused to manage something which is their main vocation. eSunScope offers “a Free” service to our customers (Solar Adopters) to help them assess and decide, whether Solar Systems meet their overall objectives of business, personal and societal responsibilities. This step is a significant part of the whole Solar process, which enables solar adopters to take long term investment decisions. Our unique services are offered in below steps during pre-installation Phase:

  • Online Site Assessment
  • Site Survey
  • Financial Analysis
  • Detailed Project Report


Selection Phase

This is the most critical phase and we make sure Solar Adopters are buying the right design, high quality at the right price. Procurement of Solar system is not always an easy task. eSunScope does it “Free” for our customers. On the other hand, Solar EPCs also need a clear and detailed scope of work, which they can deliver without any scope ambiguityin the contract and any disagreement with customers at a later stage. eSunScope is not a “Solar EPC” and also “Not a Solar equipment Supplier” . Hence we at eSunScope adopt the process of selection of Solar system.


Execution Phase

eSunScope plays an Important role during the execution phase. We understand the Solar adopters are busy with their work and sometimes do not have time or patience to make sure Solar system is installed on time, within budget and in adherence to the quality standards. eSunScope sets the stage for overall successful execution for Customer and Solar EPCs through:

  • Online Project file
  • Support to Solar EPC
  • Project Closure


Operation Phase

You spend heavily on your plant without robust O&M protocol which impacts the power generation in the plant life cycle. If your system is offline and your contractor takes a week to go to the site, then your system is considered not available for whatever component in the system is down. A reliable monitoring system is an absolute must for any solar asset. Our offerings Include:

  • Monitoring
  • Monitoring and Reporting
  • O&M Services
  • Total Asset Management


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Our Customer

eSunScope serves customers in Residential, Commercial, small scale Industrial and Community segments. Our customers are individuals and businesses who do not have their core strength in Solar, but however care about environment and believe in providing a cleaner earth to their future generations. Adoption of Solar pivots around doing good vs potential monetary savings

We are building our customer networks in different regions to provide ultimate value to their Solar journey


Partner programmes

eSunScope is all about partnership. We welcome companies and individuals to partner with us as Channels or Solar Ambassadors. We have a perfect partnering model in place.. To know more, please register on our portal and we will contact you for further discussion.

OEMs are welcome to display and promote their products through our portal. Our portal is the best place to connect with Solar EPCs and Customers who are looking for new technologies, solutions and equipment. We give you Market access in all the geographies that we are operating which will help you expand into new markets. Please register and we will contact you.


Our Team

Sanjeev Kumar
Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Sanjeev Kumar is appointed Chief Executive Officer of the company and is a member of eSunScope Board of Directors. He has fourteen years of experience in business management, market Strategy, Business & Partnership Development, JV's, Product planning, Tenders, Revenue Planning, and estimation etc. Mr. Kumar served as country manager for Westport Fuel Systems from 2014 to 2017. Joining Westport in 2012, his role was to set up India operations for the company

He has an entrepreneurial stint with start-up exposure of three companies including eSunScope, Alternative Innovations & Lead India Solar. He served McKinsey & Co. from 2008 to 2012 and worked as a key resource for the firm in different knowledge domains including renewable energy. Mr. Kumar's distinguished career began in 2004 when he started with Airtel. He later took on another role in AON Hewitt and served the company in various roles for the business transition from 2005 to 2008.

Raed Bkayrat
Chief Growth Officer

Raed is appointed chief growth officer at eSunScope group. He looks after partnership development, expansion plans and market positioning of the company to achieve the desired goals. He is currently the managing director for the Clean Energy Business Council (CEBC) in Dubai and is a senior advisor at the Alternative Energy Projects Co., the Apricum Group and founder of Sunergy Advisory.

He has over two decades of international experience in the energy sector, having worked with Multinational corporations as well as technology startups and R&D organizations. Recently, he worked at First Solar where he was the Vice President for Sales and Business Development for MENA,overseeing First Solar's commercial footprint in the region, market setup, origination and strategy development for partnerships

Dinesh Purohit
Chief Customer Officer

Dinesh is the appointed Chief Customer Officer at SunScope Technologies. He has over 20 years of sales and marketing experience in multinationals like Mars Inc. and Capri-Sun AG. In the past, he was responsible for achieving P & L objectives for the business unit (MENA). He has expertise in managing multiple markets that require different business strategies, like maintaining success, creating a business turnaround and developing new markets from scratch.

With Persistence, passion and excellence in execution as his strengths, he is recognized for the ability in building enduring business relationships with both internal and external stakeholders.

Has an MBA from the University of Lincoln and has attended the Harvard Business School on leadership,globalization, strategy, finance and innovation.

Dinesh Singh Solanki
India Operations Manager

Dinesh Singh Solanki is the Indian Operations Manager at eSunScope. His main role is planning, monitoring, appraising, and enforcing policies and procedures. He has to recruit, select, train, assign and discipline the employees. He has to manage relationship with installers, vendors and communicate the customer's issues to the operations team. He has to work closely with the CEO and the management team to set and implement policies and the procedures and to follow through with proper implementation.

Prior to joining eSunScope, He was into administrative profession with an overall experience of approx. 28 years. He has worked with many organizations, like Garment Craft, Genpact India, Genus Power Infrastructures Ltd. dealing in various aspects of administration including liaison with govt. officials, Banks, foreign clients and overall administration including internal security, maintenance and logistics of the company. He has expertise in dealing with corporate documentation for various contracts used in project implementation. He has maintained good relations with company's vendors, clients, Govt. departments, etc. Loves listening to old Hindi songs, travelling to hill stations and various forests / animal sanctuaries.

Naveen Jain
Senior Project Manager

Naveen Jain did his B.Tech. in Electrical Engineering from Malaviya National Institute of Technology (MNIT) Jaipur. Since then continuously working in the field of Solar Photovoltaic Power Projects, he has gained more than Seven years of Project Management experience of cumulative 7 MWp both rooftop and ground mounted ranging from kWp to MWp size Power Plants across India and also developed power solution for village based RO systems, Mobile communication Towers etc. while working in REIL Jaipur and Privately.

He has hands on experience in site surveying, designing, DPR preparation to avail Government Subsidy, tendering, procurement, sub-contracting, installation and commissioning that is starting from concept to commissioning of Solar PV Power Projects.

Shivaram Reddy
Business Development Manager

Shivaram is the business development manager at eSunScope. His role includes lead generation, customer relationship management, market research and financial modeling of PV systems with team building and adaptability as his core strengths. He has always been keen on using solar energy to promote a cleaner tomorrow while also solving social issues that society faces. Prior to joining eSunScope, he held responsibility at Supreme Maids cleaning Services as a Business Development Manager where he headed the sales and operations department.

Completed BBA from Manipal University with a specialization in Finance. With a knack for solar energy and passion for Finance, Shivaram aims to be part of and guide eSunScope into being one of the Fortune 500. Loves hiking, camping and traveling.

Varun Purohit
Research Manager

Varun is associated as Manager, Business Development and Research Analyst at eSunScope Solar Pvt. Ltd. He is into Customer Identification, Market research, Solar System Design, Renewable Policies at different locations, Customer liaising and Operational support. He has decided to build his profession in Renewable Energy with the aim to reduce Carbon footprint in the Earth's environment.

He is a competent professional having more than 5.5 years of experience in Data management, Data Analysis, Report preparation, MIS Preparation and Secondary Research. He serves clients related to financial services, Mortgage Banks and service providers; Investment Banks. He worked with Moody's Analytics Knowledge Services, Bangalore as a Senior Associate from 2015 to 2018. He was also associated with MIAC Analytics, Bangalore as a Financial Analyst from 2012 to 2015. He is proficient with GUI based software and data management tools. He has completed Bachelors of Engineering [B.E.] and Master of Business Management [MBA], Bangalore.

Vamsi Krishna Orsu
Engineer Design & Analysis

Vamsi Krishna Orsu specializes in Solar system designing and implementation of the solar projects. He is passionate about renewable energy technologies, carbon emission reduction and smart cities for sustainable development. He comes with a strong Solar PV engineering background with specialization in PV economics and regulatory codes, standards & policies.

As a Design & Analysis Engineer at eSunScope, he looks after feasibility study of projects, site survey, and Solar system designing, financing modeling of solar projects, generating SLDs of electrical & solar connection and developing the ecosystem of Solar BOS suppliers using his strong research skills. He has a Master's degree in Renewable Energy Technologies from Amrita University, India.

Divya Pareek
Business Development Manager (O&M)

Divya Pareek is appointed as a Business Development Manager (O&M) of the company. She looks after O&M division including product development, market strategy, and Partnership development. She is a key resource for the center of excellence located in Jaipur providing the overall solution for rooftop solar customers. She is experienced professional in Remote Monitoring, Operation & Maintenance, Team management, and project management. She has hands of experience in Online Monitoring of Solar PV Power Plant and it's components like Inverter, Modules, MFM, Weather Monitoring systems and their communication Protocols with third-party devices.

Miss Divya was working with Webdyn India Pvt. Ltd. as Senior Technical Manager. She has done her Masters in Electronics systems and Electrical Engineering (France) & PGDM in Business Management (India). She is a passionate renewable energy professional and has vast knowledge about different operations and site maintenance related activities of Solar PV Power Projects.

Babu Lal Dhakar
Associate Engineer

Babu Lal Dhakar is an Associate Engineer at eSunScope. His responsibilities include site survey, Preparation of Feasibility Report, Designing and Simulation of SPV Power Plant, Coordination with EPCs and customers for Installation and commissioning of Solar PV Projects.

After Completion of his Electrical Engineering from Poornima College of Engineering, Jaipur in 2018, he started working as Supervisor Engineer (Electrical) in Penta Solarex Private Limited Jaipur on Rooftop Solar PV Projects. He has experience of Installation & Commissioning of more than 500 kWp Solar PV Projects. He did his internship in Surya-Ashish Solar Company and worked for the Rural Electrification by installing the Solar PV system at their homes.

Richa Sharma
Business Development Associate

Richa Sharma looks after business development at eSunScope Solar Pvt. Ltd in Rajasthan. She is passionate sales & marketing professional with stint of working with startups. Her roles includes market research, lead generation, customer relationship management, site survey, site assessments and pipeline development in order to contribute in organizational growth and tie- ups with different business groups.

She has done her B.Tech in Electronics and Communications from JIET SETG Jodhpur. She has worked with Rushail PharmaDin Pvt Ltd as a sales Executive, where she got hand on experience on direct sale, B2B sales and various marketing and promotional activities.