Vision & Mission Statement

Our vision
To enable renewable energy adoption by providing a single platform and connecting adopters, Service providers (EPC) and Technology Providers supported by Value added services.

Our Mission
To make renewable energy available to everyone & everywhere.

Our Values
eSunScope is committed to provide transparent, unbiased and technology agnostic services and solar options to all stakeholders connected in any transaction.

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Our Capabilities

eSunScope is the ultimate online enabler, for Solar Adopters, Solar EPCs and Solar OEMs to provide end to end services. This starts with helping you make up your mind to taking care of your solar assets for long-term reliability.


Our Global Footprints

Headquartered in Dubai eSunScope is at present serving different geographies like United Arab Emirates & India. We are establishing our footprints in countries like Oman, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait, Egypt, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Kenya, Nigeria, Ghana, Ethiopia and other Asian & African countries. We operate directly and through our partners and affiliates in different countries to serve our customers.

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Know The Team

eSunScope has strong team of engineers, designers and analyst in each country to serve our customers and partners locally. eSunScope has a state of the art Center of Excellence in India, where our functional experts and market research team provide global support, standards and high quality/low cost design services to our global customers and partners.

Why Choose eSunScope

Almost every country now has renewable policies and incentives. However, for solar adopters, who are busy in their life or businesses, it is challenging to navigate through the complex web of policies, incentives, permits, processes, procurement standards, quality of the product, installation, and maintenance. This is where eSunScope comes to the rescue. We at eSunScope help you navigate this complex environment and make sure you get the best worth of your investment.


Adoption Benefits

Solar Technology has matured and also has proved to be the most cost effective source of energy on planet today. Adoption of Solar no longer is limited to supporting cause of global environment safety since it makes a business/economic sense now, hence right time to think about solar. Globally, solar adoption for residential and commercial purposes has yielded below tangible benefits:

  • Reduce energy cost
  • Predictable Energy OPEX
  • Appreciation of Property Value
  • Tap into applicable subsidies/tax benefits
  • Monetization of unused land/roof


Solar installations

  • Roof Top
  • Ground Mount
  • Hybrid
  • Offgrid
  • Community Solar


Adoption Plans

  • CAPEX Model (Cash purchase)
  • Solar Finance
  • Solar PPA/Lease Programme


Government Programs

Solar Energy programs are center of generally all government’s initiatives. Most of the federal and state governments have a set of policies to promote the renewable energy as their commitment to save the environment. These initiatives not only have a positive impact on environment but also create job opportunities and form the blend of energy security for nation. Hence utilities, governments and environment ministries inspire the citizens to adopt solar through different initiatives like tax rebates, solar subsidies, and discounts on utility bills to make solar accessible to the people. By availing these benefits you can reduce the cost of your system from 35 to 50 percent and in some cases it goes up to 80 percent.


How We Do?

eSunScope offers its varied expertise and tools starting from creating the opportunity through basic online assessment of roof till operating and maintenance of the Solar Assets. eSunScope not only supports Solar adopters but also reduces significant, Sales & General Administration and design costs for Solar EPCs. Solar OEMs, Solar Financiers can access Solar Adopters and Solar EPCs through our Online Market Place. eSunScope offers its services and solutions at four stages.

Adoption Phase

At eSunScope we recognize that not all Solar adopters have deep understanding of adoption of solar system at their commercial establishment or at their residences as their expertise is focused to manage something which is their main vocation. eSunScope offers “a Free” service to our customers (Solar Adopters) to help them assess and decide, whether Solar Systems meet their overall objectives of business, personal and societal responsibilities. This step is a significant part of the whole Solar process, which enables solar adopters to take long term investment decisions. Our unique services are offered in below steps during pre-installation Phase:

  • Online Site Assessment
  • Site Survey
  • Financial Analysis
  • Detailed Project Report


Selection Phase

This is the most critical phase and we make sure Solar Adopters are buying the right design, high quality at the right price. Procurement of Solar system is not always an easy task. eSunScope does it “Free” for our customers. On the other hand, Solar EPCs also need a clear and detailed scope of work, which they can deliver without any scope ambiguityin the contract and any disagreement with customers at a later stage. eSunScope is not a “Solar EPC” and also “Not a Solar equipment Supplier” . Hence we at eSunScope adopt the process of selection of Solar system.


Execution Phase

eSunScope plays an Important role during the execution phase. We understand the Solar adopters are busy with their work and sometimes do not have time or patience to make sure Solar system is installed on time, within budget and in adherence to the quality standards. eSunScope sets the stage for overall successful execution for Customer and Solar EPCs through:

  • Online Project file
  • Support to Solar EPC
  • Project Closure


Operation Phase

You spend heavily on your plant without robust O&M protocol which impacts the power generation in the plant life cycle. If your system is offline and your contractor takes a week to go to the site, then your system is considered not available for whatever component in the system is down. A reliable monitoring system is an absolute must for any solar asset. Our offerings Include:

  • Monitoring
  • Monitoring and Reporting
  • O&M Services
  • Total Asset Management


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Our Customer

eSunScope serves customers in Residential, Commercial, small scale Industrial and Community segments. Our customers are individuals and businesses who do not have their core strength in Solar, but however care about environment and believe in providing a cleaner earth to their future generations. Adoption of Solar pivots around doing good vs potential monetary savings

We are building our customer networks in different regions to provide ultimate value to their Solar journey


Partner programmes

eSunScope is all about partnership. We welcome companies and individuals to partner with us as Channels or Solar Ambassadors. We have a perfect partnering model in place.. To know more, please register on our portal and we will contact you for further discussion.

OEMs are welcome to display and promote their products through our portal. Our portal is the best place to connect with Solar EPCs and Customers who are looking for new technologies, solutions and equipment. We give you Market access in all the geographies that we are operating which will help you expand into new markets. Please register and we will contact you.


Adoption plans

Cash Purchase

Being able to afford solar power is a fantastic way to join the green revolution.
Own your power. Your panels produce energy!!

You can opt to go solar with cash purchases to avail the advantages of all federal and regional tax credits and incentives. Solar cash purchases are appropriate for homeowners who have the financial capability to purchase panels with cash.

Some Benefits of Cash Purchase of Rooftop Solar Panels:

  • Reduces the time required for a solar project, in turn, allowing us to benefit from clean, solar electricity as quickly as possible.
  • Avoiding third-party expenses and interest rates by maintaining complete control of your solar PV energy system.
  • Securing a low electricity rate for a lifetime and reducing your exposure to volatile energy rates.
  • Become a solar-powered party by promoting social responsibility message.

Solar Loans

For customers lacking the capital for a cash purchase, solar loansoffer the perfect solution.

Many different types of institutions offer solar loans, from traditional banks to solar panel manufacturers.

Solar loans offer immediate returns by helping you save money on your electricity bills right away, even as you repay the loan. eSunscope enables you to find and evaluate your solar loan options, as well as high quality pre-screened solar installers. Solar loans usually have the same basic structure, terms and conditions as any other home improvement loan. When anyone borrows money from a lender, they agree to pay it back, plus interest, in monthly installments over the loan term.

There is one main difference between a solar panel loan and a home improvement loan: a solar panel loan enables you to own an asset that generates substantial financial value. It includes the cost of electricity generated by the solar panel system over its lifespan. While a new kitchen or a deck is an excellent addition to your home, it does not offer the same type of financial benefit. A solar loan allows us to own an asset that generates significant savings. There are two fundamental things that you should ask yourself to find the solar energy loan that is right for you. A secured or an unsecured loan. There are two categories of solar energy loans. A secured loan requires an asset that serves as collateral for the loan whereas an unsecured solar loan does not require any collateral other than the solar panel system. However, both loan categories have implications for the borrower.

The amount paid each month will impact the interest rate and the length of the loan. Since a loan with a longer term has a smaller monthly payment, you will have to pay more towards the interest over the life of the loan. In contrast, payments on solar energy loans with shorter terms may exceed your monthly utility bill savings, yet they offer better value because you pay less in interest over the life of the loan.

Solar Power Purchase Agreement

A solar PPA is a financial agreement that allows a developer to prepare the strategy for the design, finance, permit and the installation of a solar energy system on a potential customer's property at a nominal cost.

After which the developer sells the power generated to the host customer at a fixed rate which is substantially lower than the local utility’s retail rate.

This electricity price serves to offset the customer’s share of consumption of electricity from the grid while the developer continues to receive income from the sale of the power as well as any other tax credit and additional incentive that the system generates.

PPAs typically range from a period of 10-25 years during which the developer is responsible for the operation and the maintenance of the system for the entire length of the agreement.

Towards the end of the PPA contract term, a customer may choose to either extend the PPA or become the owner of the solar energy system.

Benefits of PPAs to Solar Customers

  • No or low upfront capital costs. The developer handles the upfront cost of sizing, procuring, and also the installation of the solar PV system. The host customer can adopt solar energy systems, and as soon as it becomes operational, they begin saving money.
  • Reduced energy PPAs provide a fixed, predictable cost of electricity for the duration of the agreement. You can structure them in one of two ways.
    Under the fixed escalator plan, the price that the customer pays increases at a predetermined rate, typically ranging between 2% to 5% which is often lower than the projected utility price.
    On the other hand, the fixed price plan maintains a constant price throughout the term of the PPA allowing the customer to save more as the utility prices rise over time.
  • The developer is responsible for the performance of the system and its operating risk.

Solar Lease

With a solar lease, you do not have to pay the high upfront cost of the solar panel, the equipment, or its installation. Instead of having to pay for a solar system, you will have to pay a fixed monthly amount for the electricity that the solar panels generate at a discounted rate. It's always accessible and affordable.

Solar leasing has become the most popular way of helping solar adopters mainly in the commercial segment.

Benefits of Solar Leasing

  • Gives you the same dependable power as solar ownership, but with the added benefit of a professionally manageable and maintainable system, regular monitoring, and solar production guarantee.
  • With a solar lease, you’ll be able to lock in not only reliable and predictable energy rates but also long-term savings and clean, renewable energy for 20 years.
  • A solar lease will include maintenance and repairs, system monitoring, insurance, and a roof penetration warranty.